If you are a Florida resident and you have recently been charged with a crime, then making sure that you have the proper knowledge and know-how to navigate the legal system can be crucial to the outcome of your case. Being aware of all the different laws, forms and degrees of crimes can substantially help you in the outcome of your case. If you are innocent of the crime that you’ve been charged with, you want to be able to do everything you can to protect yourself from wrongful imprisonment.

Finding a local law attorney near you can significantly change the outcome of your overall verdict. You can choose to represent yourself in court. However, you will be less likely to win your case, especially since you have no legal training and limited resources when it comes to understanding the law.

Degrees of Felonies:

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Florida’s criminal justice system is divided into two classes that include misdemeanors and felonies. Being charged with a felony in Florida can potentially be a death sentence since the state of Florida still uses the death penalty as a punishment for capital crimes. This type of capital punishment is not utilized in all 50 states for the obvious reason that a lot of citizens find the death penalty to be too harsh of a sentence. Luckily, felonies are also divided into three categories commonly known as degrees. The first, second, and third degrees all are basically stages of severity of the crimes committed.

Statute of Limitations:

If you committed a crime in the state of Florida in the past, you just might fall outside of the time period in which you can be charged with said offense. Now, statute of limitations deems that for certain crimes you can only be charged within a specific timeframe before those crimes can no longer be charged against you. For severe and violent crimes like murder, there is no statute of limitations. For serious yet less violent crimes the statute of limitations is much longer than standard crimes. So basically, if you’re charged with homicide, there is no stopping legal action from being taken even years afterward. The statute of limitations can sometimes be changed. In particular cases, the statute of limitations can be suspended in order to give the criminal justice system more time to take legal action.

Price Tag For Defense:

Court proceedings can also be very expensive. Without a criminal law defense attorney who is local to the area, you may end up with more Court fees and charges then you need to. While you’re going through a criminal defense case, you are most likely underneath enough stress and could certainly use the help of someone who thoroughly knows the field.

Apparently, no one wants to be imprisoned. Being locked in a box with bars is never an enjoyable experience. Even those who are guilty of the crime they have been charged with will try to plead innocent to save themselves from prison. If you are innocent, the last thing you want is to be wrongfully imprisoned.

The best criminal attorney in orlando fl can assist you in navigating the legal process of your case. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer may be able to speed up the entire process saving you time and money.