Driving while intoxicated, also known as a DWI, is an offense that tens of thousands of people are pulled over for by police each year. Both states and counties have been making an effort to crack down on drinking and driving, and many large cities across the United States will have “no refusal” weekends when they obtain search warrants to extract blood from drivers suspected of drunk driving.

This means that while awareness of drinking and driving is being spread, people are also being caught driving with alcohol levels over the acceptable legal limits. It is important to remember that a person who has been pulled over for drinking and driving does not have to be ‘drunk,’ one can be over the legal limit on a breathalyser or blood est after only one or two beverages, depending on body size and build.

While many people who are arrested for a DWI offense may face jail time or other serious consequences, many others can negotiate for with the court or prosecution to avoid jail time. This is one of the biggest reasons why anyone who does end up getting pulled over by police and brought in for driving while intoxicated needs to have a highly competent and capable attorney who specializes in this type of legal defense.

Once charged with a DWI, it is time to find someone like matt gould criminal lawyer who is experienced in these sorts of cases and can provide guidance on exactly what to do next. Using a friend of a friends cousin who is a will and trust lawyer is not something that is going to help the case at all. While all lawyers are graduates of law school and have passed the bar in their respective states, not all lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. This is why many lawyers focus on a few specific areas of the law.

Beyond making sure that one hires a lawyer who specializes in cases like driving while intoxicated offenses, it is also important to hire one from the same area where the offense took place. Different states, and in some cases, different counties might have distinct rules that pertain to them. So, if the offense occurred within your area, contact one of the best lawyers in the specific county that can be found.

Once a respected and knowledgeable DWI lawyer is the case, they will be able to provide a lot of guidance and information on what the next steps are necessary. Depending on the severity of the case, the charges could be dropped, or only a minimal amount of community service will be required from the judge to satisfy the crime. This is not a time to try to go it alone because the consequences could be very severe.

Hopefully, driving while intoxicated offense is something that a person will never have to experience. But if it does happen, it is the important to understand what the next steps should be to get the best possible outcome.