Rotellini Raises $562K in 2013, builds strong financial and grassroots support

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Attorney General candidate Felecia Rotellini released her fundraising totals for 2013 today, reaffirming the strength of her campaign to unseat scandal-plagued incumbent Tom Horne. With more than $560,000 raised thus far, Rotellini starts 2014 with nearly twice Horne’s total. 

Remarking on the Rotellini campaign’s significant momentum, Luis Heredia, Felecia for Arizona Campaign Manager, noted that the sum reflects Rotellini’s commitment to run a fierce race – and voters’ commitment to replacing Horne. 

“This says loud and clear that Arizonans statewide see what Felecia sees,” said Heredia. “That the Arizona Attorney General’s office is broken and that we need to return the Office’s focus back to integrity and the rule of law. It’s obvious Felecia represents the top AG choice across Arizona.” 

In 2013, Felecia: 

- Received a total of 2,533 contributions 
- Raised $562,813 total 
- Ended with $447,847 cash-on-hand 
- Garnered almost exclusively in-state donations 
- Collected 6,442 ballot-qualifying signatures 
- Qualified in 8 counties 
- Gathered support from every region in Arizona 

“The momentum that Felecia has generated in 2013 has everything to do with her strong commitment and passion to lead,” said Bonnie Gibson, campaign treasurer.