When people talk about law, they often think of a certain regulation of social relationships in their society, which is also the definition of a law. However that is not the only definition and explanation of this term, the term ‘law’ is used to describe different appearances in everyday life.

System of rules


The first and the most comprehensive and complete definition is that the term law means system of rules that affect certain territory and oblige all persons living on it. If people act in accordance with these rules it is said they are obeying the law, opposite of obeying the law is breaking the law which means acting opposite of rules. Enforcing the law is the job of the police, police officers should make people obey the law, that is why they are differently called law enforcement officers. There is an extreme opinion that says that police officers are not supposed to protect citizens and their rights since their job is only enforcing the law, this opinion is not widely represented but it still exists in some countries.

Regulation of social relations

When we are speaking about the system of rules, the most important thing to know is that law as a system of rules includes regulations of different types of social relations. All the rules that regulate certain relation have a common name determined by the subject of this regulation. This is why we can distinguish different types of law such as Criminal law that regulates which behavior would be determined as a crime and punishment for that crimes and felonies too. Civil law is usually based on the feuds between citizens who are often feeling their rights violated, the rules of civil law are supposed to resolve this misunderstandings and offer appropriate compensation for the caused damage and physical or emotional pain.

International &, Inheritance Family law

LawInternational law includes rules which are used to regulate relations between different countries, behavior of the highest state officials and determining state borders among all else. Family law as it names says regulates relations between members of a family, conditions for marriage, rules of adoption and so on. Inheritance law is dealing with issues of what happens after the death of the family member and that is why it is tightly linked to family law, it regulates conditions under which relatives inherit, the amount of the property they will inherit and other conditions.

When you speak of law in this way its concept is very clear, however, people often get confused since this is not the only explanation of the term ‘law’. It is often used to signify the appearances that are ought to happen by the natural order of events such as natural law, law of supply and offer and so on. This term is often used as a synonym to police, you probably heard someone says that he/she is having a problem with the law, referring to the problems with the police. Law is also used to describe the profession or the studying program that lawyers and student of law are dealing with.